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Convenient, high quality, & affordable alterations.


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Tailoring on your time

Prep At Home

Save yourself a trip. We’ll show you how to easily prep your clothes from home.

Order From Anywhere

Place your order from any device and we’ll email you a shipping label.

Quick Turnaround

We’ll complete your order and ship it back to you in one week.

Quality first

At Air Tailor, we know that convenience means nothing if the job isn’t done right. Our team traveled the country to find and partner with America’s best tailors. Our rigorous vetting process ensures that every alteration is completed perfectly every time.

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Affordable & Fair

Air Tailor pricing is transparent and flat nationwide.

We provide convenience and consistency for our customers while driving more business to our tailor partners and paying them fairly for their work.

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DIY Prep

Grab a safety pin and follow our simple instructions to prep your clothes for any alteration you need.

Quick & Easy

Order alterations in minutes through our secure, mobile-friendly site.

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